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Of course dog grooming requires mastering the physical skills, but it is so much more. Dog grooming is also an "art" of balance and personality of the whole dog.

Learning the skills of grooming involves three distinct areas: understanding about dogs - their structure, health and behavior; understanding the fundamentals of grooming, and of course, developing professional skills - applying this knowledge to the art of the finished product.

Our program includes critical areas not covered in other grooming programs: a non-punitive approach to dog handling and control, including training and behavior information for improving a dog's behavior on the table.

Recognizing that students may have difficulty putting their lives on hold to master a new vocation such as Professional Dog Grooming, All Dogs Academy has a flexible approach to educating the aspiring groomer, offering a schedule that allows students to have other jobs, if necessary.

Here's a brief run-down of our curriculum (for an in-depth description, download the Academy catalog on the right):

Part I: General Information

  • General Grooming and Course Overview: Students will learn grooming definitions and about the grooming business, as well as developing a grooming philosophy, attitude and approach to working with dogs as a skilled, professional groomer.

  • Breed Identification and Canine Anatomy: This unit covers the seven different groups with specific characteristics and members of each group. Students will learn general anatomy and structure, including skeleton and muscular terminology and anatomical reference points.

  • Behavior and Handling: Students will learn about canine behavior and handling as it relates to grooming including communication patterns and processes of dogs, recognizing and reducing stress. Students will learn about handling difficult dogs and eliminating or reducing problem behavior on the grooming table.

  • Health: Study includes general health information as well as handling typical health issues groomers will deal with such as skin issues, parasites, allergies and the like, plus discussion of diet, exercise and lifestyle and their effect on the dog's overall condition.

  • Groomer First Aid and Health: This unit provides and overview of the health and safety needs of the groomer.

Part II: Grooming Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Grooming Tools: Students will view varieties of tools from combs and brushes to tables and dryers, and learn their appropriate uses.

  • Using Your Clipper and Blades: This unit familiarizes students with this use, handling and care of essential grooming tool including maintenance to optimize longevity and performance.

  • Pre Bath Prep Work: This unit applies the previous units to working with dogs, including the basics of nail clipping and ear cleaning, as well as pre-bath clipping and brushing tips.

  • Bathing and Drying: Students will learn about the ten different coat types and their requirements for bathing and drying. Study includes giving a bath to produce a clean, dry, de-matted dog ready for finish grooming.

  • Using Your Scissors: The purpose of this unit is to instruct students on proper scissor technique - a must for any good groomer. Study includes different types of shears and their applications, as well as proper scissoring techniques.

Part III: Finished Grooming - Breed-Specific Trims

The final units include the specifics of each of the different breed types, including achieving a "show dog look" with a pet trim.

  • Trimming Golden Retrievers and other Natural Coated Breeds

  • Spaniels

  • Cairn, West Highland White, and Yorkshire Terriers

  • Trimming Shih Tzus and Lhasa Apsos

  • Trimming Poodles and Bichon Frisees

  • Grooming Cats

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