All Dogs Academy for Professional Pet Groomers

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Our grooming school has grown out of a need and a deficiency. The need is for qualified, talented, well-trained people to practice their grooming skills in a variety of venues - from grooming shops to vet's offices, pet stores, mobile grooming vans, show handler, breeder, pet owner, and owner-operated facilities. The deficiency is in the quality of grooming education previously available in the area. The impetus behind our school was a less than positive experience - a grooming school graduate assessing the short-comings in her education, and dreaming of the school she wished she could have attended. And so our school for dog groomers was born.

Many people may not know that Gail Fisher started her career in dogs as an apprentice dog groomer, learning grooming skills and ultimately becoming a professional dog groomer, which she practiced for many years. Her experience along with that of the other groomers and teachers involved in the program, form the basis for a comprehensive, valuable, unparalleled experience for our students.

All Dogs Academy is committed to provide our students with a quality grooming education. The coursework offered in this program is the ultimate in creating groomers who will use their skills to enhance the lives of dogs and the relationship between dogs and their owners.

Far more than learning to groom, graduates of our program develop skills and knowledge about dog behavior, health, diet, and the relationship between people and their dogs to enable them to be a positive force in the lives of all their clients.

"All Dogs Gym and All Dogs Academy are the realization of my life-long calling to make a positive difference in the lives of dogs and their people. The Academy's focus on a holistic approach to grooming - covering so much more than just physical skills - enables dog groomers to have a positive impact on the lives of dogs and their relationship with their owners. I truly believe we are all on this earth with a purpose. Mine is and has been to spread the word of better understanding and improved relationships with the amazing species with whom we have chosen to share our lives. The Academy represents a huge part of this mission."
- Gail Fisher, President, All Dogs Academy