Dog Training School Faculty & Staff
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Gail Fisher with over 30 years experience as a dog trainer and behaviorist, Gail is known as the “trainer’s trainer.” Named by Our Dogs Magazine (England) as one of the top five lecturers internationally on dog behavior and training, Gail designed and taught the first University course for Obedience Instructors – a 2-year program at the University of NH, on which All Dogs Academy programs are founded. Gail is author of several award winning books and manuals, including her critically acclaimed new book, The Thinking Dog: Crossover to clicker training.
Wendy Bergeron Training Director of All Dogs Gym & Inn, Wendy has been training professionally since 1989. A successful handler, obedience, agility and rally competitor, and dog breeder, Wendy’s dog knowledge, training expertise and gentle approach to teaching people are unparalleled. Wendy was instrumental with Gail in starting a Service Dog training program run at the NH State Correctional facility for nearly three years, teaching inmates to train dogs for physically disabled recipients. Not only a gifted and skilled trainer, Wendy is able to communicate and teach her skills to our Academy students.
All Dogs Gym & Inn Staff – Our outstanding staff of 35 professionals enhance the training program. They include our class instructors, many of whom have over 20 years experience, our Grooming Manager with over 15 years experience, our Daycare Manager, with 15 years experience, our Kennel Manager with 6 years experience – and many other talented, caring, and generous people, including graduates of our training programs.

School Officers & Directors
Gail Fisher – President/Administrator
Wendy Bergeron – Director of Training
Myrian Bergeron – Treasurer/Registrar