Dog Grooming School Tuition & Fees
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Dog grooming is an enriching, enjoyable and creative profession that appeals to people from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. We are happy to work with students to make it possible for them to attend our Grooming Academy.
There is an application fee of $650.00 which will be applied to your tuition. This fee offsets the Academy’s costs involved in processing an applicant. We will refund this fee if the applicant fails to gain Academy acceptance, but is non-refundable if the applicant does not attend or drops out before the end of the course. Unless prior arrangements have been made and accepted in writing by our Registrar, all tuition fees are due in full 7 days prior to the start of the course.


The course tuition includes all required grooming equipment, supplies, manuals and books (a value of over $800), instruction, and a Certificate of Graduation. Placement assistance upon successful completion of the entire course as well as continued access to instructors for telephone advice in the future.
Tuition does not include meals, lodging, transportation, expenses related to the student’s dog(s) or any other items not specifically mentioned above.
FEE SCHEDULES (Effective March, 2015)

If you are able to pay the full tuition prior to the start of the course, this is the fee schedule.

Tuition if Paid in Full Prior to Start of Course Fee
Application Fee $650
Deposit on acceptance to course $1,000
Balance due prior to start of course $4,350
Total tuition $5,950

If you would like to make arrangements for time payments, the following schedule is preferred unless other arrangements are made in writing with the Registrar*

Tuition if Paid Over Time* Fee
Application Fee $650
Deposit on acceptance to course $1,000
Three weekly payment of $1,000 starting 1st week $3,000
Final payment, 3rd week of class $1,450
Total tuition (time payments) $6,150